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New: Includes 5th player and the hit Rivers & Rafts!

In the Basicgame one walks with his/her wooden figure with backpack(!) in a mountainscenery in search of flowers, animals, waterfalls, passes and mountaintops. The one visiting most of these places and building his/her Rifugio's (Italian for mountainhut) most strategically, will win the game!

When you play Rivers & Rafts you add water. On which you cannot walk, but have to sail. Which will make you move much faster! And, as a Raft can hold max 2 persons, you can even step onto a Raft with someone else on it and sail in a direction the other player might not want to go to.

AGE: 8+     TIME: 60 MIN (With 2 players only 30 MIN!)     PERSONS: 2-5

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Only to be played in combination with the RIFUGIO basicgame. With this extensionset one can build Helicopters and fly from the one landingsspot to other. But be aware that the other players don't steal your Helicopter! 

AGE: 8+     TIME: 60 MIN (With 2 players only 30 MIN!)     PERSONS: 2-5

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And win your own purple playset and unique Rifugio Hiking Card. See TOURNAMENTS in the menu above to find out how it works.

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Visit one of the National Tournaments (win a unique orange playset) or demo's. Everyone is always welcome!

And.. recently we've also been organizing demo's at people's home. See NEWS in the menu above for more info.

(Sorry, sofar only in the Netherlands and Belgium.)

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Found a voucher in your game? Give someone else a basicgame with a 10 Euro discount!

How does it work? Send the voucher by mail with a valid email adres to: NRP-Games, Lindenstraat 83huis, 1015KW, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Then instead of 29,95 Euro, you'll be paying 19,95 Euro. (Prices include Tax, Exclude deliverycosts.)  

The voucher can only be used in the way described above and doesn't work in combination with other discounts.